Friday, 23 November 2012

ASP.NET Textbox Tips & Tricks

This page is to describe all tips and tricks of controls. We have number of server controls which we use regularly and may miss few things and will search a lot for the tip or trick to handle the situation such situation we will discuss regularly.

This page discusses about the basic control textbox

The syntax for the textbox is as below


<asp:TextBox runat="Server" ID="txtName"></asp:TextBox >

It is a input field means from which users can input data and will be used by our application to process it.

Friday, 16 November 2012

C# Bulk Data Management

Download Source Here


           Microsoft .NET has very good functionality to implement. It provides all sorts of functionality to achieve our feature needs. Only thing is we need to know which namespace and which class we should use for it.
           One of them and very useful class provided by microsoft is SqlBulkCopy it is under namespace System.Data.SqlClient.

            This class is very useful in transferring data from application to SQL Server. This is one of the best practices to be practiced by each .net developer.