Thursday, 27 December 2012

Linq To XML Best Practices

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    XML means Extended Markup Language, which is universal format and can be accepted by any programming language more readable and understandable markup so far by humans as well as machines. We will see how to use and work with XML in our daily routine with C#.Net.

For more information about XML you can find here

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

EBooks - Architecture & Design Patterns

Application Architecture

Microsoft Application Architecture Guide
Microsoft Application Architecture Guide

Design Patterns

Gang Of For (GOF) And Gamma Design Patterns
Gang Of For (GOF) And
 Gamma Design Patterns


HTML 5 Ebook Web Standards
HTML 5 Ebook Web Standards

Asp.Net Simple Survey Application


         The companies which are offering variety of services to the customers, they need to get the response from the customers in many forms. By analyzing these responses companies will have an overview of their services and performance.

         The surveys or polls are very much important in different situation and organizations. for examples, consider a company is selling different products in the market. If they want to know the product usage and end user satisfaction they will conduct a simple survey among the users after collecting most of the public responses, they start analyzing these response in different angles like,
  1. What is usage percentage of this product among the people.
  2. How often people are purchasing this product
  3. Public satisfaction index and etc.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

LINQ GroupBy


Many of us face the problem of grouping elements by different attributes from C# code. Now we are here to solve these problem and provide the best practices when one wants to group different types of data by using the very best features provide microsoft .net technologies. i.e. LINQ.

The Syntax for LINQ - Group By

var result= from p in <any collection> group p by p.<property/attribute> into grps
                 select new 

We can test the group by for different data types like XML, ADO.NET DataTable, Customer Objects. Here I will provide the solution for these three types of data now.