Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Smarten Up The SEO Plans For Your Website

The ultimate goal of all businesses which operate on the online platform is pretty much the same – getting a high search engine rank. The overall traffic volume on your website crucially depends on whether it comes up among the first few results on the different search engines. If not, your competitors can trump you, rendering your attractive website design and visual aesthetics futile. Given below are a few handy SEO tips that you simply cannot afford to ignore, while looking to enhance the online exposure of your business:

  • Choose keywords with care – Extensive prior research is of essence, before you zero in on a particular set of keywords which you wish to target via your website. Make sure that the keywords you choose are not too competitive, at least to start off with. There is, after all, no point in featuring on the tenth page of the results, albeit for a really popular keyword/phrase!
  • Have web content of the finest quality – Picture yourself in the shoes of the online visitors – will a website with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other such basic problems appeal to you? No, it won’t – and that’s precisely why you need to stay away from committing the same mistakes on your website. Plagiarism is another issue that you need to steer clear from, at all times.
  • Have proper ‘call-to-action’ options – You need to guide your visitors, regarding the action that you wish them to perform, once they are on your website. You might have a virtual goldmine of information on your pages, but viewers might feel a tad confused, if there are no ‘call-to-action’ buttons. Keeping these buttons present at different strategic locations on your website should definitely form a part of your website design plan. Try using your keyword(s) on them, instead of generic phrases.
  • Expand your list of backlinks – As an internet marketer, you are probably already aware of the value of having a high number of backlinks on your website. However, you should be wary of trying to get backlinks from blogs or websites that have low PR, or are unrelated to your business. Establish the authenticity of the sources, before you seek backlinks from them. Getting links from governmental and/or administrative websites offers additional SEO advantages.
  • Choose the domain name, Meta description, anchor text and page titles with care – A non-SEO friendly page URL can have significant adverse effects on your SEO campaign. Choose proper, relevant titles for each page, depending on the nature of the content that they contain. The domain name that you choose for your website should be related to your business too. The Meta descriptions and the anchor texts of the pages should also have a proper mix of your targeted keywords.
  • Have a mobile version of your website – The volume of mobile internet users is expanding rapidly, and unless your website has a mobile-optimized version, you might lose out on a significant number of potential buyers. Avail of the services of a professional who is well-versed with mobile website design techniques. Make sure that your website is properly viewable, whatever might be the device used to access it.
The importance of social media optimization also warrants special mention, in the context of sophisticated SEO strategies. You should go for such a website design, which offers maximum information to visitors and smooth navigation features, with a neat, smart overall appearance. Active online presence is highly beneficial – and smart SEO strategies can help you reap the maximum benefits!

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